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CrosswordsUK.Net is a website dedicated to providing free online crosswords for those looking for a challenge. We have a wide range of puzzles to suit all abilities, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced solver, we’re sure you’ll find something to test your skills.

Our dedicated team of constructors create new puzzles every day, so there’s always something fresh to try. And if you get stuck, we have a handy hints system to help you out.

Also we track new crosswords from across the web and share them with our community, so you’ll never miss a puzzle.


This site is dedicated to the UK’s major cryptic crosswords published in The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent and The Guardian. Don’t panic if cryptic crosswords make you break out into a sweat, there are guides for solving the clues and even some helpful tools when things are just too tough.

If you’re new to the world of cryptic crosswords or have tried before and given up, then why not have a read of our guide ‘The Basics‘. This guide seeks to dispel the mystery and confusion that hangs around cryptic crosswords and to provide you with a basic ‘tool set’ for tackling one of the big ones.

If you’ve got a good grasp of the basics, then why not look at one of our more focused guides to clues, their structure and the clues within the clues!

If you’re here because you’re stuck, try our anagram solver or the crossword solver or, if that’s your bag, our sudoku solver pages. If they don’t help, drop into the forum and see if anyone can help.

If, like me, you tend to tackle your favourite crossword on the move or in a pub, you’ll probably want to use our new Mobile App for the crossword solver only (at the moment). It’s free, and it works just like the site (perhaps even easier) so give it a try.

Our online word solver now includes a list of similar words searched for today so you can see potential solutions that don’t exactly match your query (useful if you’ve got 1 or 2 letters wrong). Try it today!

So, get your favourite crossword, your special pen, and dive in!

Good luck!


A Kumar
Director of Research

Amit is the driving force behind CrosswordsUK.Net, and has been working on the site since its launch in 2022. He is responsible for all the technical aspects of the site, as well as developing new features and puzzles. Outside of work, Amit enjoys spending time with his family, reading and watching cricket.

Crossword Curator

Abhishek joined CrosswordsUK.Net in 2022, and is responsible for selecting new puzzles for the site and ensuring that they meet our high standards. He is also a keen crossword solver, and has been known to complete some of our toughest puzzles in record time!