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It may sound odd to need a strategy for tackling a crossword but it’s an important element of the cryptic style. As mentioned elsewhere in these guides cryptic crosswords rely more upon concealing the true nature of clues and misleading the reader than upon simply being ‘difficult’ so a strategy will help to expose these …

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Hidden Words

In theory, hidden words should be the easiest of all cryptic crossword clues. The solution to a hidden word clue is embedded within the clue itself, with all the letters in the right order, simply spread over two or more words. The letters aren’t jumbled as in an anagram, they’re all in the right order …

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Anagrams are probably the best known form of cryptic clue as they crop up in ‘straight’ crosswords, quizzes and even newspaper headlines! Simply put, the solution to an anagram clue is a rearrangement of a selection of letters to form a new word. In easier crosswords or quizzes, the anagram is usually the entire clue …

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